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Supporting communities with neighbourhood planning

Welcome to Modicum Planning Limited

At Modicum Planning we believe in the value of communities taking a leading role in planning and shaping their neighbourhoods.  People who live and work in a neighbourhood are the best placed to understand how it functions, what works well, what makes it special and what doesn’t work so well.

Modicum Planning are neighbourhood planning specialists and can help communities navigate their way through the process of bringing forward a neighbourhood plan from inception right through to referendum day.

"Professional, knowledgeable, approachable and exceptionally good at navigating us through such a complex task." Little Hadham Parish Council - April 2018.


"Rachel was able to help us express [our] aspirations in a concise analytical form which lent weight to the plan and made the conclusions difficult to challenge. She was enormously helpful in guiding us through the technical obstacles of producing a Neighbourhood Plan and without her motivation I doubt we would have succeeded."  Lavenham Parish Council - December 2016.

"Rachel provided a high level of support and professional input, including testing our ideas, recommending options for consideration, and helping to draft wording on context and policies." Marsh Gibbon Parish Council - 2015.

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