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Our Services

The focus of our work is helping communities who wish to bring forward a neighbourhood plan. We work with parish and town councils, neighbourhood forums and local planning authorities.

What is a Neighbourhood Plan?

How can we help you?

The way in which we provide support will depend on the needs of each group. Some groups are looking for a consultant to complete descrete pieces of work, some groups are looking for help with drafting the plan where as other groups are looking for professional input, advice and support to be on hand whilst they drive the process themselves.

Examples of the support we provided include:

  • Scoping your plan, providing advice on vision, objectives and possible policy options

  • Helping you build the evidence needed to inform the plan direction

  • Plan drafting

  • Plan review

  • SEA and HRA screening and, if needed, the preparation of a full SEA

  • Preparation of Basic Conditions Statements and Consultation Statements

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